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How Well Do You Know Your OC?

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 27, 2016, 12:38 AM

How Well Do You Know Your OC?
Found by :iconlunarpeltofmoonclan:

We will be discussing Remoceu Sarto in this one!
TransparentBGRem by ForestWanderers

1: What's your OCs favorite color?
2: Where does your OC work?
He works in his homeland Zelwood.
3: What's your OCs favorite food?
Fried tree bark with a hint of dried mint leaves.
4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
5: How old is your OC?
35 years old.
6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
Yes of course!
7: Is your OC in a relationship?
8: What are some of your OCs strengths?
He’s very quick in battle. He has exceptional hearing.
9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
He has one eye and one arm. He is disadvantaged in battle because of this. He lacks fine-tuned discernment like most Veknon.
10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?
His bobcat pelt coat and pants.
11: What is your OCs spirit animal?
Lynx, Bobcat, Badger, and Raven.
12: Is your OC sexually active?
13: What is your OCs earliest memory?
His nightmares about Remoc.
14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
No because they don’t exist in his time.
15: What makes your OC angry?
Remoc trying to hurt and deceive humans and take over the world.
16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?
17: How long can your OC hold their breath?
Comfortably for one minute.
18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?
Deer hide.
19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
Polka dots.
20: What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
He’s never had pizza!
21: Who is your OCs best friend?
Quawbanik Nulvaro.
22: Has your OC ever killed someone?
Many enemies.
23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?
;) Not revealing it sorry!
24: What does your OC smell like?
Dirt and pine needles.
25: What time of year does your OC prefer?
Already asked this silly! His is Winter.
26: Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk)
Human Abnor.
27: What languages does your OC speak?
Abnorathen, Vekovare, Remocanth, ocassionally if he really concentrates he can discern human languages.
28: Does your OC like anime?
Anime didn’t exist in his time.
29: Can your OC swim?
30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
31: Does your OC believe in fairies?
32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
College didn’t exist in his time. Only training by mentors.
33: Are your OCs parents dead?
34: Is your OC religious?
35: How flexible is your OC?
He’s pretty flexible.
36: What turns your OC on?
Determination, honor, and loyalty.
37: What was your OCs first word?
38: Does your OC have any pets?
39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
Sathmaraed Eknomirth.
40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
Walking into a group of Remoc possessed humans (not knowing they were possessed).
41: What is your OCs motto about life?
“Keep going, never give up the good battle. Strength is within your spirit and soul.”
42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?
God. Also his mentor.
44: What color eyes does your OC have?
Naturally blue, but can change to light silver.
45: Does your OC like reading?
He rarely has time but if he did he’d enjoy reading.
46: Is your OC loyal?
Without a doubt.
47: Does your OC tolerate violence?
He’s a sword fighter, he has to.
48: What social class is your OC from?
Low class. Peasant.
49: What country was your OC born in?
The large expanse of land known as Zelwood.
50: Does your OC cry easily?
Not easily.
51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
The sounds of nature all around him, he doesn’t fancy man-made music.
52: How does your OC feel about insects?
He respects them.
53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?
54: Does your OC smoke?
55: What gender is your OC?
56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
Animal hides and fur. Armor is very thick leather.
57: Would you call your OC adventurous?
Absolutely, that is his whole nature!
58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
His warpaint if you are first seeing art of him. For Remoc it would be how short Remoceu is, being only 5’4”.
60: Does your OC enjoy nature?
Of course!

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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